Artisan 206 Dinner Menu

Small Plates

Pickled Goodies  – seasonal vegetables & house kimchi

Fried Pickled Goodies – cauliflower, green bean, peppers & olives

Charcuterie Board – Chef’s choice house & local cured meats

Fried Brussels Sprouts – pumpkin seeds, togarashi & local honey

Pappardelle pasta – brown butter, gorgonzola , walnut and sage

House-made Ricotta – roasted tomato & garlic, grilled bread

Hominy Falafel – chili sauce & cinnamon honey yogurt

Grilled Octopus – potato, olive, caper & lemon dressing

Kale Salad – poached apple, pickled yam, spiced walnut & yogurt poppy dressing

Steamed Mussels – white wine garlic broth & grilled bread

Grilled Cauliflower – tahini dressing & fried shallot



Fried fingerling potatoes – duck fat salt, daily aioli & house ketchup

Creamy polenta – fresh cheese curds & chive

Shallot & garlic rice

Coconut braised greens

Roasted acorn squash – palm sugar & sage butter



Fried Chicken & Waffle – Taiwanese spice, crisp bacon, honey butter glaze & fresh herbs

House Meatballs – roasted tomato sauce & ricotta

Spicy Lamb Tikka Masala – roasted tomato, garlic & pearl onion, yogurt sauce

Duck Confit Sausage Poutine – goat cheese curds & duck gravy

Moroccan Braised Bison Rib – pan sauce & crispy shallot

Herb Roasted All-Natural Chicken Breast – green salad, grilled zucchini & chicken jus

Polynesian Smoked Pork – salted mustard greens and pickled ginger

English Style Fish-n-Chips – minted peas and caper remoulade

Roast Duck Soup – glass noodle, kale, salted mustard green, marinated egg & pickled yam

Ma Po Tofu – ground pork, mixed mushroom, fermented bean sauce & cilantro (vegetarian available)

Grilled 10 oz Prime NY Strip Steak – with pickled red onion, chimichurri sauce & crispy fingerling potatoes


Mini Pies – Coconut Cream or Dutch Apple

In a Jar – S’more Cheesecake or Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Trifle

Gelato – Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel or Coconut

Sorbet – Mango or Limoncello

Cardamom Doughnut Holes – with plantain & coconut gelato

Affogato – Espresso poured over your choice of gelato